New perspectives and added value thanks to collaboration.

Collaboration is a game changer in the automotive industry. YOMA’s data-driven services facilitate the seamless interlinking of various ecosystems along the process chain – thus responding to their rising need for transparent analytics and forecasts, control systems for customer satisfaction, efficiency and fast reaction times:

Car dealerships

Customer satisfaction can be significantly increased by using the YOMA platform’s data-driven services. No matter if they are selling new cars, reselling used ones or handling repairs.


YOMA gives every company involved in vehicle logistics a competitive edge when it comes to moving new and used cars, leased or purchased cars, passenger and utility vehicles, and stock or customer vehicles.

Leasing and banks

For companies involved in the process of leasing vehicles such as pool cars, user-chooser cars or rentals, YOMA facilitates greater transparency with regard to vehicle movement patterns, effective predictions, planning tools and optimised remarketing.

Fleet management

Using status reports and digital interfaces, YOMA makes it possible to develop the necessary data and use it for individual fleet and vehicle park management processes.

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